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Thirty, Squirty, and Vibing' T-shirt

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If you aren't Thirty, that's ok - store bought is fine! Show off to your friends how much you're loving living it up in your squirty 30's with this outstanding shirt first conceived by Rita on Today's Lucky Winner, and designed by Violet Lantz!


99% Cotton, 1% Polyester, 0% Warlock Death Fiber

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Orders will ship within 7 days of ordering, and usually arrive within a week of being shipped!


3 Dimensional! That's of them!

Nut Free

We Promise ;)

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    If you huff my shorts! HA! JK, we're pretty chill about it. I guess if you spend like 100$ or something, we could do free shipping tho. Shipping's expensive!

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    We are not, however WRASSLE-free. That's right -- you wanna return something? Gotta WRASSLE us. (Just kidding. Please contact us if you have an issue and we'll do everything we can to get it resolved. <3)