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Bellona Arts

"Thiccers" Thick Sticker pack! [This is fake placeholder item, sorry -- Let Violet know in the discord if you wanna see Thiccers for real tho]

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Are you *tired* of stickers that are flat, lifeless, and don't get you strangely aroused? Try THICCERS! Thick stickers that look like butts and things related to butts! Hell yeah!


99% Cotton, 1% Polyester, 0% Warlock Death Fiber

Preorder & Shipping info

Pre-Orders end APRIL 16th! From there we will place our order with our local screenprinter (Lewellyn's print shop in Dallas, TX) and from there we should have your shirt shipped out by May 15th!


3 Dimensional! That's of them!

Nut Free

We Promise ;)

  • Free Shipping

    If you huff my shorts! HA! JK, we're pretty chill about it. I guess if you spend like 100$ or something, we could do free shipping tho. Shipping's expensive!

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    We are not, however WRASSLE-free. That's right -- you wanna return something? Gotta WRASSLE us. (Just kidding. Please contact us if you have an issue and we'll do everything we can to get it resolved. <3)