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Bellona Arts

Rita's Lil' Buddy Shirt

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Solidify your status as Rita's lil' buddy with this dope shirt! It was originally a long sleeve, but Rita cut the sleeves off for you. You're welcome!


99% Cotton, 1% Polyester, 0% Warlock Death Fiber

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3 Dimensional! That's of them!

Nut Free

We Promise ;)

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    If you huff my shorts! HA! JK, we're pretty chill about it. I guess if you spend like 100$ or something, we could do free shipping tho. Shipping's expensive!

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    We are not, however WRASSLE-free. That's right -- you wanna return something? Gotta WRASSLE us. (Just kidding. Please contact us if you have an issue and we'll do everything we can to get it resolved. <3)