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Bellona Arts

Rita's Dragons & Dungeons!

Do you play D&D? Are you a lil' nasty? Are you not one to shy away from dick and fart jokes (the highest art)? For the die-hard dice-rolling fans out there, we put together a little D&D 5e compatible suppliment inspired by Season 2, Episode 17 "All Guards are Bastards" of Today's Lucky Winner! For you to use in your own (optionally shroom-induced) tabletop adventures! 


• Battle-Ass & Cabroncita Magic Weapons

• Cockgoblin subrace option

• Gelatinous Guac Statblock

• 3 Full Character sheets from the show for Dawn, Rita, and Sunny!

• Two Roll20 Compatible dungeon maps by Violet Lantz

• Custom artwork by Brianne Leeson

• Our love and adoration

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